Sunday, December 28, 2014

Favorites of 2014 - January, February and March

It has been a pretty amazing year for obvious, tiny-baby reasons, but I've also worn some cute clothes while pregnant and taking care of the little nugget, so I thought I would have a sartorial look back over 2014! Starting with January, February and March:

In January, I was pregnant, but very few people knew it. We visited Virginia, I got sick a lot, and it snowed!

In February, it snowed a lot for our neck of the woods, which was terribly exciting. You could even call it a snowstorm! I was pregnant and everyone knew it. I started sporting a baby bump, but I could still wear most of my looser clothes. 


In March, it wasn't freezing, but I could still wear cardigans and boots -- ideal weather! Normal pants were out. Flouncy dresses were in (but, really, when have flouncy dresses not been in?). Maternity wear started to be worn.

Up next: A super preggers woman attempting stylishness through April, May and June!


Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

All great looks. Wonderful pattern mixing.

Anna Martin said...

I love bright teal mixed with dark blue. I should wear that combination more often. Love the tall brown boots you're wearing in that last photo, too, by the way!

- Anna