Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Style Icon: Joanne Woodward

This post is ostensibly about Joanne Woodward's fabulous '60s style, but really, it's an excuse for me to post photos of my favorite Hollywood couple of all time. Oh Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, you two were the cutest.

They seem so happy and domestic together. They love their children and pet their dogs and read newspapers and eat breakfast together. And they stayed together until death did them part (Paul's, Joanne is still around and still looking fab).

But they were also glamorous and fabulous. World travelers! Movie stars! Super stylish!

Joanne Woodward had cute, bobbed blonde hair and wore the sweetest dresses, peg-leg pants and flats. (Paul Newman looked pretty hip too.)

I love them both so much. They seemed so sincerely in love, and they made such great movies together and apart. Hollywood legends for sure.


Lisa said...

Love the composition of that last photo.
Lisa x

Emmylou said...

That last picture is everything:)