Sunday, January 11, 2015

Style Icon: Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge is such a gorgeous, stunning, straight-up movie star. I love all the glamour shots of her in amazing dresses.

She's intensely glamorous when she's casual too.

Can we talk about the little gloves? Can we talk about the dress? The earrings? The little bag? Let's talk about them. All those things are fabulous. Dorothy Dandridge, you are looking fabulous.

Isn't she such an other-worldly screen goddess? And she was way more than a pretty face (or, you know, other-wordly screen goddess face). She was a singer and dancer and the first African American woman nominated for an Academy Award. Way to be an awesome style icon, Dorothy Dandridge!


Emmylou said...

She's just so beautiful. I'm so loving all your style icons!

Lisa said...

Extremely glam!
What was it with the bras in those days?!
Lisa x

Hollie Black-Ramsey said...

she was crazy beautiful