Friday, May 29, 2015


We went hiking in the mountains recently, and there were all these flame azaleas around (great name, right?), and they were so gorgeous and the exact color of this shirt. Who doesn't like the color "flame"?

I wore this thrifted top on a nice evening walk with my family and then came home and drank all the tea because I am drinking all the tea right now. Hydration is happiness, people! 

This picture makes me think of this time last year when I was all loose shirts, shorts and Birkenstocks, and I was so so so pregnant. Now my baby is almost 11 months. He's growing teeth, crawling like a pro and feeding himself little puffs. (It is hilarious. Half of them don't make it in his mouth. Sunshine Dog is loving life under the high chair these days.) We have two weeks until summer vacation, and then it's going to be mama and baby party time!


PinkCheetahVintage said...

Loose shirts and all the tea forever!!

peaches mcginty said...

'Flame' is an awesome word! and yes to cool tops too, your outfit is cute and that is a proper sized cup for tea! it's how I like it too! x x x

Lisa said...

Wonderful summer outfit, here's to long happy summer days.
Lisa x