Monday, May 25, 2015

Mama in a maxi-dress mumu

Horizontal stripes. They're the new polka-dots. As in: I love, love, love them and wear them maybe too much. (Nope. Not too much. I take it back. No such thing.)

I bought this dress when I was pregnant, and it was awesome then, and it's awesome (just a lot longer) now. It is my current "maxi dress mumu." I always have one in rotation. I get home, take off the schoolmarm gear and throw on a maxi dress. 

These are some eBay Danksos. I thought about buying new Danksos for one half of a second and then realized that they are too out-of-control expensive new. That's okay. These suit me just fine. I've been having a problem with my hip (What is happening?! I am 34 years old! I think it's a combo of getting a lot of exercise in not-great shoes and carrying around my precious baby boy.), and I've vowed to only wear really supportive shoes until it goes away.

That's right, America: I have hip problems. And I wear comfortable shoes. And I have big ol' glasses. And I regularly use archaic slang. (Example: This dress is the bee's knees!) So what? We can't all be spring chickens!

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Kezzie said...

I love your stripy maxi! It is really stylish and I like the fact it's a maxi that isn't too low cut- I find a lot of them ARE! Hope the hip is better x