Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Thomas, Bob and me

It's not summer yet, but it's SO summer. My co-teacher and I hang out at recess discussing how much we're sweating and how we're oddly tanned/not tanned. (Arms: Very tan. Legs: Crazy pale cause I dress like a schoolmarm at work. Go figure.) It is summer, but it's not, but I am so so ready for it to become official. 

The leaves in North Carolina are so lush right now. The weather is humid. Thomas is rocking his little sunhat. I'm rocking my Bob Dylan tank top (Love you Bob!), little black skirt and blue sneakers.

We've been spending a lot of time outside these days. Thomas loves to be outside. He's teething, which is not the easiest thing to do, and being outside always soothes him. Some day, that kid will be able to eat all the things! Right now, we're all about some cottage cheese and avocados and Greek yogurt and also general baby food.

Here's a great thing about kids: Everything (everything) is new to them. That's so exciting to me! Little things are new to him. (Cottage cheese!) Big things are new to him. (Our trip to California this summer!) And it makes all these things I'm so "been there done that" about (I'm looking at you cottage cheese and California) seem much more exciting.

Thanks for that, Thomas. And thanks for being so darn cute.


Lisa said...

Oh yes, ready for summer, my legs could do with a bit of colour too!
BD is playing a gig in my town here in the UK later this year. I must admit that fact had passed me by until my husband told me!
Thomas is looking so cute in his hat.
Lisa x

Mugdha G said...

It's awesome you get to (re)experience the newness of things with him!