Friday, June 19, 2015

100 percent

This is a 100 percent second-hand outfit. The shirt and shorts are thrifted. The shoes are from eBay. I've been getting back into thrifting and laying off of eBay lately. Thomas isn't a tiny baby anymore, and he doesn't want to sleep on me while I scroll through internet auctions. Instead, he's cool with traveling around in a shopping cart, checking out the books and toys and even letting his mommy try on a couple of items. 

I've been buying him a lot of second-hand toys lately. I've put about 2/3rds away and am keeping 1/3 in our living room (aka his playroom). I plan to switch them out every couple weeks or so in hopes of keeping him interested and excited about the things he has to play with. The goal of this summer? Keep that baby busy! (And by baby, I mean 1-year-old wobbler. I suppose. Nope. No. I mean baby. He's always going to be my baby!)


Midnight Cowgirl said...

What a cute outfit! Love the top :)

Lisa said...

Of course he is!
Pretty top.
Lisa x