Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer list

I make lists. It's just who I am. I like to-do lists as long as the to-do's are all fun! Summer vacation is officially here for this teacher and her almost 1-year-old boy, and we plan to live it up! Not on the list because we did it pre-summer (It's been hot a while y'all): Baby pooling it and Grownup pooling it, but we'll definitely have to do repeat performances of both!

The list:

1. Eat watermelon
2. Eat an ice cream cone
3. Go to River Jam at the Whitewater Center
4. Visit the mountains
5. Go to California
6. Play in a river
7. Celebrate Thomas's first birthday
8. Hang out at Old Mecklenburg Brewery
9. Visit the Atlantic Ocean
10. Visit the Pacific Ocean

Happy summer!


Lisa said...

Water in one form or another features a lot!
Happy summertime to you all.
Lisa x

Emmylou MW said...

This is a great list:) I might steal some of them for my own:D

peaches mcginty said...

What gorgeous pics of Mama and her boy! I want to join in on your awesome list, everything on it is amazing! also, Thomas and his inflatable baby water thingy is brilliant, I've never seen one! x x x

Melanie said...

That first pic is a timeless classic!
Atlantic and Pacific? Great idea! I hope you do lots of repeats of No. 1 and 2.