Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ventilation and sweaty foreheads

Oh the heat! Bring on the shorts! Bring on the ventilation!

This shirt provides plenty of ventilation. It's a party in the back, and, like, a lazy Sunday in the front. That's what this shirt is.

I got these Dansko clogs on eBay. (Of course.) I almost bought them from a store new, I dug them so much. But then I just went on eBay way too much and found them at half the cost and I lurve, lurve, lurve them. 

The shorts were thrifted a couple of years ago. They were originally pants, and then I chopped them off. The time for pants has pretty much past. It's in the 80s and 90s these days. I guess I should savor the 80-degree days since it's pretty much 90 degrees and above starting in June and lasting until September! (And then in September, you're like WHEN DOES IT END? And it goes on for another couple of weeks and you're like WHY IS MY HAIR STILL STICKING TO MY SWEATY FOREHEAD? And then sweet, sweet fall comes. Oh sweet, sweet fall. Is it bad I'm looking forward to fall? Let me refocus. Summer is going to be awesome. There will be ice cream! Watermelon! My baby in a baby pool! And a lot of my hair sticking to my sweaty forehead as well.)


Lisa said...

Amazing shoes.
Lisa x

Fiona said...

Don't knock the heat! It should be 'Flaming' June here but instead it's more like 'Freezing'. Love the clogs. x

Midnight Cowgirl said...

What a cute top, and I love the way you describe it :)