Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cat Square Christmas Parade

I used to cover the Cat Square Christmas Parade every year when I was a small-town reporter. It was absolutely one of my favorite things to cover. That is one crazy, country parade!

So, of course, it had to be Thomas's first parade, and, man, did he love it! Pictured above: What I wore. I don't have a front picture, but the back was cuter anyway. It was 70 degrees in December here in North Carolina!

Thomas was super into the parade. The marching band was his favorite part. ("It was his mama's favorite part! That's why it was his favorite part!" my friend told me. I do love some aggressive percussion.) Pictured above: Thomas asks himself "Does Santa rock? Or am I being mislead by this onesie?"

This parade is a for-real event. It lasts hours. There is tailgating. And something called "Cat Square Kool-Aide." (Beware of the Kool-Aide!)

And to conclude: Here is a picture of a woman riding a cow dressed up like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Because of Christmas. And Cat Square. An excellent combination!

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Lisa said...

That is one of the most unusual sights I've ever seen, the cow reindeer combo!
Loving Thomas's onesie.
Lisa x