Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fall list

1. Walk in the woods: We walked in a lot of parks. That had woods attached. So I'm going to check this one off. (Look at the pretty lake! I took this picture on a Thanksgiving walk.)

2. Go to a fall festival: We only went to one (shocking!) but it had a food truck rally and a pumpkin patch and was walking distance from home. Success.

3. Make stew: I totally did this at least twice. Who takes pictures of stew? Apparently not me.

4. Visit the mountains: We did. For less than a day because Robert had a work emergency that demanded we go back home. Boo. But we did get to see the foggy fall colors!

5. Go to a food truck rally: See: Fall Festival. Also: Yummy.

6. Dress Thomas up for Halloween: He dressed up as a Pumpkin and  Bunny Rabbit. Who is the cutest?! (Answer: Thomas. Thomas is the cutest.)

7. Visit a brewery, drink a seasonal: I visited a brewery. At a different location, I drank seasonal beer. I planned to do both at the same place, but the Panthers were playing and it was all loud and crowded so me and my friends ended up eating at a Mexican restaurant connected to a Days Inn, which was delicious. So: Half success.

8. Carve a pumpkin: Thomas is a tiny toddler. We painted that pumpkin, instead!

9. Drink a pumpkin spice latte: Yep. Yum.

10. Take Thomas to a farm: This was the most fun! It is definitely going to be an annual fall ritual for us!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I think you can count that as a successful fall.
And oh my those bunny ears!
Lisa x