Friday, December 4, 2015

Seeing Santa

 Thomas went to his first concert! And then he saw Santa afterwards. Both events did NOT go smoothly. I kind of saw the disaster coming, but my parents really wanted him to go, and I often "see disasters coming" and in reality everything ends up just fine. With Thomas, I try to take a "We'll try it" approach to public events... which has resulted in some awful brunches, but also some really amazing times.

Anyway, the concert was held in a very cool museum with an adorable kids section, which was great (and a creepy folk art section I did not enjoy because folk art is not at all my thing). Pictured above: adorable kids section of the museum. The concert was sit down, and I thought it was going to be casual, but then all these older ladies arrived in Chanel suits, and I was like "Whoa Nelly." Also: It was bluegrass (yay!) mixed with a string quartet (uh-oh). Thomas, in his flannel and his one-year-oldness, might have been able to hang through some bluegrass, but a classical music concert? Not so much. So he didn't stay long, but we did get to see Santa!

Santa totally scared Thomas, and there was not going to be a one-on-one moment with the Jolly Old Elf, but Thomas was cool with staring at him from my lap. Merry Christmas!

This is what I wore to hang with Santa. That sweater vest situation is my new favorite thing. So graphic! So comfortable! So warm! And the thrifted pants and second-hand clogs are my old favorite things (Love them. Wear them all the time.)

Happy holidays!


Melanie said...

I love the photo of you with Santa, and Thomas on your knee. Heh. As I kid I haaated seeing Santas in stores. They really freaked me out.
Your sweater is great!

Lisa said...

A day out to remember for a variety of reasons!
Lisa x

Vision By Mila said...

He is so cute! I found out Santa is literally coming to our house on Christmas Eve, I really wonder how Lukas will react.