Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Style Icon: Linda McCartney

Linda and Paul McCartney shared such a sweet, beautiful, domestic, family-oriented love. I really, really love to look at pictures of them and their family. Sometimes I joke with Robert about how super boring we are because we have zero "drama," but I think Linda and Paul also had very little drama, and that didn't make them boring at all. In fact, I think that's part of the reason I find them so interesting.

Linda was a talented photographer, and as far as I can tell, she was a great mom too. I love that she seems to have two not-so-different styles. She has her groovy style (minis and sunglasses and such) and her farm-mom style (overalls and baby in tow), and they're both awesome.

I like people who have kids, seem kid-focused and are still full on groovilicious.

 Doesn't she make you want to move to the Scottish highlands and raise sheep? That's what that photo makes me want to do.

And if you had successfully resisted the urge to move to Scotland and raise sheep (because Scotland is far away and sheep are probably smelly and what if Internet access is terrible out on the farm?), then this photo will do you in. You cannot look at this photo and not want to put on a fuzzy sweater and boots and go raise some sheep. You cannot. Internet access be damned (besides, it's the farm probably has great wifi).

They make family life look so great. (Hello! Having a family is great!) And another thing: How '90s does Linda McCartney look here? SO '90s! Floral granny dress and denim jacket. Way to be ahead of your time, Linda. Way to be ahead of your time.

But also deliciously in it, you groovy girl, you. Linda McCartney: multi-faceted mommy style icon.


Connie said...

I honestly can see you in every one of Linda's outfits. You definitely have the groovy mommy vibe going on.

Midnight Cowgirl said...

And, now I want to move to the Scottish highlands and raise sheep... :)