Friday, November 25, 2011

Catawba Valley Pottery

I am doing a big project on Catawba Valley Pottery for school so I took a few pictures of the few pieces I have. They're all by Luke Heafner because I know him and I like his pots. 

This one time, I told Luke I liked his studio and he said "Does this look like a studio? It's a shop."

This other time, I mentioned that Luke was an artist and he said "I'm not an artist. I'm a craftsman." 

Luke is a curmudgeon. But I like him. And my close friend Allyson likes him too. A lot. 

The picture at the top is the very first piece of Catawba Valley Pottery I ever bought. The above picture, is where I usually keep my jugs -- on a bookshelf all front and center like. To be honest, they look much more at home outside, but Allyson has kept pieces outside before and they have a tendency to get snatched up by thieving Catawba Valley Pottery enthusiasts (or just troublesome hoodlums). 

Look! It's a turtle! Adorable. This was last year's Valentine's Day present from Robert and me to each other.

Catawba Valley Pottery has a long and storied history in this area. Back in the day, the pots were made to be used. They're still absolutely useable, but I'm not putting moonshine in this guy. He's too fabulous. He was made out of dug-up, red, North Carolinian clay. The glaze was equally natural. He was burned in a groundhog kiln. He is an old-school all the way.

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