Tuesday, November 15, 2011

With a splash of sassy

My approach to Netflix Instant is to pick a television show and then just watch the hell out of it. Sometimes these shows are socially acceptable. For example, I watched all of "Arrested Development," and adored it. I'm so excited about the new season and movie. Bring it!

But sometimes my Netflix Instant choices are a little more... 75-year-old woman. Not that there's anything wrong with 75-year-old women. I should know, I apparently am one.

And so, I am all about "Murder She Wrote." That Jessica Fletcher, she sure is one smart woman. She lives in Maine, writes best-selling mysteries and always finds herself in a situation where a loved one is being wrongly accused of murder. She is so warm, intelligent and lovely. I kind of want to be her best friend.

I considered writing a "Jessica Fletcher/Angela Lansbury Style Icon" post, but let's be honest, that woman enjoyed collared shirts and big button earrings, neither of which are my thing. That said, I really think she owns her preppy/fuddy-duddy look, and I love it when she wears pearls, dons giant glasses and looks pensive while sitting next to a typewriter.

Most of us know Angela Lansbury as this not-so-sexy lady. We know her from "Murder She Wrote," "Bedknobs and Broomsticks," "Sweeney Todd" and "Pirates of Penzanze" (or at least that's where I know her from). But you know what? Angela Lansbury was once young woman starring in the pictures, and I have the photos to prove it. She looks like such a sexy kewpie doll! While the difference is notable, I think no matter what age she's at, Angela Lansbury is prim and proper with a splash of sassy. And that is why I love her.

Here, she's very Marian, Madame Librarian, adorable and innocent yet alluring... (That's right! Angela Lansbury: Alluring)

 In this photo, she's really turned up the heat. Look at that knowing smile! Angela Lansbury as Mae West. She wants you to come up and see her some time.

And here her Bette Davis eyes are almost as impressive as Bette Davis' Bette Davis eyes. And she'll tease you/ She'll unease you/ All the better just to please you...

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