Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Small town Christmas parade

Today, Robert came home from work and immediately said we should walk downtown because Main Street was closed and clearly something was up

Look, Robert! It's a parade! I LOVE parades!

Christmas time is here!

Nothing says Christmas like Shriners in kilts. Am I right or am I right? 

Can we discuss the spats? Since when did ROTC students wear spats? If this had been going on when I was in high school, you can bet I would have been up in that club.

Look out behind you! There are uni-cyclists! And kilted Shriners! And spats!

The very best part of any parade or high school sporting event: The marching band. Notably the drum section. Nothing is better. Except for maybe those kooky feathered hats. And spats. Spats are better. But that's it.

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a tisket, a casket said...

Golly am I glad I'm not the only dork out there ;-) I love parades too, and Christmas...not to mention spats (they remind of old-timey gangsters which remind me of Chicago, etc).