Thursday, December 12, 2013

Style Icons: The Cast of White Christmas

Full disclosure: I found "White Christmas" to be a terribly tedious movie, and I love all kinds of movies other people think are boring so that's not a good sign. Not so into this movie, not so into it. But I do love the full-on Christmas/1950s styles they are sporting. Let's get a look, shall we?

This is classic, classic, classic Christmas. This is Santa Claus if he was slim and full of song and presented in Technicolor.

And it's not all Santa suits. The guys look dapper in bow ties and top hats, and look at that sexy sequined dress! Sparkles and fanciness speak of Christmas too.

The movie came out in the '50s, but it's set in the '40s so there's a support-our-troops World War II song. The whole movie is based around these four people performing together and fighting and getting together. The best moment: When Bing Crosby sings "White Christmas." Obviously. Nothing can beat that, really.

Although giant, blue-feather fans compete for the best moment...

Especially when the fellows do the number! Oh gender bending, 1950s style, you are such a specific, silly thing.

So yes: Not so into this movie, but it's such a Christmas movie, and its fashions are so fabulous I thought I'd post about it anyway. And really, writing this post almost makes me want to give it another try. Almost, but not quite!


Sonya Mann said...

Can't believe you didn't include the dress from the nightclub scene! But then again, I love this movie, so maybe you weren't aware of that one. . .

Connie said...

My sister and I always sing the "Sisters. Sisters. There were never such devoted sisters" song whenever we have too much to drink.

Winter Moon said...

What a stylish bunch!

Lisa said...

And it's got Danny Kaye in it who when I was growing up I thought was the most talented man on the planet!
I want one of those red dresses.
Can't abide Bing though!
Lisa x