Saturday, December 14, 2013

What Does the Fox Say?

Oh yeah. I went there. 

When I wear this sweater to school, I get a lot of "What Does the Fox Say?" comments/ full-blown renditions from my students. They have that song memorized!

(What does this fox say?)

But the love of that kooky song doesn't belong only to my young students, my mom showed it to me at Thanksgiving. It is a song whose appeal spans generations.

I feel like it's a song you either love or hate, but I can't really defend that stance since I neither love nor hate it. But you want to know what? I really, really love how much other people love it. Like, the fact my mother loves that song makes me so happy for some reason.

And I love foxes. And fox sweaters. And fuzzy hats. And Christmastime. And gray days. And kids singing silly songs. All of those things, I love.


Connie said...

I've always thought that foxes were cute and I'm so happy that they have their own song. You look cute in your fox outfit.

Winter Moon said...

I can't believe you went there.
Lovely jumper :)

Sonya Mann said...

The fox says, "Dang, that's a cool sweater!"

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Super cute sweater!! I must find one for myself!

Emmylou said...

I used to like that song the first time I heard it, but now, since the kids sing it A LOT, I'm beginning to kinda not like it:P
Cute sweater btw.

Mica T said...

that is such a cute top! :)

I don't really get the song though, I couldn't even watch the whole video. Too weird for me, haha!

Away From The Blue

Sacramento Amate said...

Thank you sooooooooooooo much for joining the fun, dear sara. You are a foxy lady indeed.
love and sunshine ALWAYSSSSSSS

Sandra said...

your fox jumper is gorgeous! and you look very cute in your outfit, I have never heard the fox song until now, I love it! silly songs rock! x x x

Melanie said...

I won't listen to the fox song because I know it will loop and loop in my head until I go mad. But I trust you that it's a good one! I love your shirt. And it's perfect with that great blue hat with a ball on top! The last photo is priceless.

Duapara Goddelijk said...

Hi dear, I come from Sacramento's blog,is the first time I participate. Lovely your fox sweater :) HOpe enjoy these days!
Merry Christmas


Laura said...

oh my, i still think that song is funny as. and your sweater is so cute:-) x

Kezzie said...

I've not heard that before (Don't have TV or listen to music videos/radio!). It's er- a bit bizarre but I don't dislike it. It does, however, sound like he's saying something rude with the catch line- is it supposed to have a sort of double-entendre/meaning to the 'What the fox say?'
Your sweater is very cute!x

Jane said...

i love your sweater and lol to the song! :)

Danielle M. said...

I just watched this video for the first time, from your blog. It is just so silly! I think that anyone who vehemently hates the song is probably taking it more seriously than it is intended to be taken.

That being said, I really like your fox sweater! :)