Friday, January 3, 2014

Double Indemnity

"How could I know that murder sometimes smells like honeysuckle?"

Double Indemnity is such a sexy thriller. My favorite moment is when Fred MacMurray looks Barbara Stanwyck up and down and says "That's a honey of an anklet."

Really makes me want to wear anklets.

This is by far my favorite film noir movie. Barbra Stanwyck is so evil sexy, and Fred MacMurray is understandably besotted.

That sexy siren draws him into a murder most foul. She's not worth it, Fred! Turn away! Honeysuckle and anklets should not have so much power!

(And, yet, I believe they do when watching a black and white with sexy, sassy Barbra Stanwyck in the starring role.)


Shybiker said...

I love this movie. A lot. Not only is it compelling, it such a delight to see Fred play a character so different from his famous TV role.

Emmylou said...

I must admit I've never seen this movie:( I should branch out of musicals.