Thursday, January 23, 2014

Style Icon: Mary Stuart Masterson in Some Kind of Wonderful

All I can say is it is obvious from the beginning that Eric Stoltz should love Mary Stuart Masterson, but I guess if he had figured that out earlier (like a sane man) then there would be no movie.

She has such spunk! Such style! Look at that iconic haircut! Look at those fabulous gloves!

And she plays the drums! Look at that girl go. The white T-shirt. The vest. So cool, that kid.

She even makes a dapper limo driver. (What are you doing driving that limo, honey? What is going on in your head? I know you love him, but does that mean you should torture yourself to help him get what he thinks he wants? Movies are just so stressful.)

Thank God he finally figured it out. Clearly he had to go for the girl with the leather jacket and fringed gloves. Clearly.


Winter Moon said...

A girl in leathers should win every time! :)

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Those gloves are awesome!

Sonya Mann said...

Oh man, I forgot about this movie! The plot actually kinda surprised me, which was fun ^.^

Kim Alston said...

she's cool.