Sunday, January 19, 2014

Style Icon: Cowboy

Oh Newsies! My sister would watch it over and over and talk about our favorite boys (Spot Collins!) and sing along with the songs. It was the best. (And yes, I'm super excited that it has been turned into a Broadway musical and am desperate to see it.)

In general, the newsies were good lookin' and dressed in a great ragamuffin style. (Not so much you, David. You were a little too preppy.) The star of the show, Jack "Cowboy" Kelly was the best dressed of them all -- suspenders, vest, messy hair and his cowboy bandanna. He was the leader of the newsies, the star of the show, the starter of a revolution and he did it all in really excellent layers.

Christian Bale played the role, and man was he a great teen idol. His character was cocky and full of swagger and fun. And he sang! He sang with such spirit!

I watched the movie as a relatively little girl, and so The Newsies look has been my favorite look for fellows for pretty much all my life. Suspenders, boots, vests, hats -- Oh my! I like it on men. I think I'd like it on me if I had a more boyish figure (although I have been known to sport a vest that I stole from my husband). It is classic and American. It looks like free press and dreams of going out West. It makes me want to open the gates and seize the day!


Winter Moon said...

Another I haven't heard of :(
Christian Bale is fab - he was great in America Psycho, and of course as Batman :)

Sonya Mann said...

Whaaat I've never heard of this! Another to add to my watch list.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Newsies was my favorite movie when I was younger!