Sunday, January 5, 2014

Style Icon: Neil and Jacinda from Real World London

The Real World used to be a pretty tame show about young people living their lives, and, you know, we got to see what happened when people stopped being polite and started getting real.

Season 4, the London season, is notorious for being the most boring so obviously it is my favorite. London seemed cool. I had a teenage crush on Neil, the intellectual one who got his tongue bitten off and had awesome clothes and spiky blond hair. I was also a fan of Jacinda, a free spirit and kooky fashion sense. She wore long skirts and combat boots like it was nobody's business!

Want to watch a clip of Neil escorting Jacinda to get her tongue pierced? Because it was the '90s and that's what free spirits did in the '90s? Here ya go:


Winter Moon said...

I don't remember this show.
Great post though :)

Sonya Mann said...

OH GOD, tongue piercings squick me out to no end. But these two seem stylin' :)

Sandra said...

I think this show may have co-incided with motherhood, which means I missed a lot hehe! it looked like fun though x x x

Sandra said...

Blogger! let me comment! this may be a copy but, this programme may have happened during motherhood and may /probably have missed it! looks like fun though! x x x

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I used to watch the Real World! haha