Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Out of control

It's just a week and a half until I return to work, and that's definitely a good thing when it comes to my (bought-on-the-Internet) pocketbook.. because stay-at-home-mama's eBay addiction is out of control!

This coat. Oh, this coat. I read this article on xoJane, which featured an ornate Anthropologie coat and then shortly after saw this ornate Anthropologie coat listed on eBay, and I got all my precious about it and had to have it.

The embroidery is what it's all about. I wore it to go out to a girls dinner and eat pho. The last time I tried to go get Asian food with these ladies, I got into a car accident, got whiplash and then got a week-long, full-body rash from the prescription drugs I was given (all this with a tiny, infant at home). This time was much more fun and less eventful! I did think about the accident the whole drive there, though. It was only three months ago, hopefully it'll get out of my psyche soon.

Anyway, that's my thin, silver triangle necklace I did not buy on eBay and have had for a long time. Love it. I don't really love my glasses, but I went to the optometrist recently and have new ones coming eventually.

Mmkay... back to discussing how eBay is hurting my pocketbook... I got all hung up on the idea of getting a black kisslock pocketbook, and this is the one I finally found. I lurve it. Lurve it, I say! So, yes, mommy (speaking about myself in the third person, these things happen) is going back to work, and she's doing it in style!


Midnight Cowgirl said...

That coat is beautiful! Ebay is full of fabulous temptations :)

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Brilliant coat! I too have an eBay problem but I use it to buy my kiddies 99 cent clothing and accessories from China!

Lisa said...

Just caught up with all your posts. Lots of lovely new ebay finds, great new footwear and love the bag.
Green stripy dress is amazing!
Thomas' wardrobe is looking pretty good too,esp that pumpkin, too cute!
Lisa x