Sunday, November 9, 2014

Style Icon: Grace Coddington

If you have not already seen the documentary "The September Issue," I highly suggest you go watch it pronto. It's all about putting together a September issue of Vogue, and, for me, it's all about how fabulous Grace Coddington is.

Grace Coddington is the creative director of American Vogue, and she is a hoot to watch. She is so passionate about what she does and has such an excellent, romantic eye for editorials. She is Anna Wintour's right hand woman, and she's not afraid to stand up to her/complain about her, which I love.

She started out in the fashion business as a model. 

She was, of course, fabulous as a model. That face!

But I love her modern-day look the best. Bright red, big hair. Pale skin. All black. Style icon, for sure.


Mila said...

I love the young her!

Melanie said...

Yes to everything. This woman is magnetic. I loved that documentary too.