Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cold Cold Water

If you want to make your summer feel a little more epic, start listening to this song. It helps with all things in the epic-department. Definitely makes driving down long country roads epic. Riding in airplanes becomes epic. Applying lipstick becomes epic. Doing laundry becomes epic. But, it's a nostalgic epic. And sort of sad and urgent. Sad, urgent epic. It's like when you dream about someone you were once in love with, but haven't spoken to in years and then you wake up feeling displaced and thinking "Isn't this life big and strange?"

It is, this life. It is big and strange.

(Also: I have never really paid attention to the lyrics of this song and am not at all sure what it is actually about, but I do know I dig it. And it's epic.)


Yvonne - Winter Moon said...

Seriously - this is Epic : )

Adriana Contreras said...

Lovely. Thank you for sharing. :)

Emmy said...

I do like this song! Perfect for the "I'm driving and pretending I'm in a music vid" situation:P

Marlen said...

ooo i really like it. it kind of makes me want to run really fast through fields

xo marlen
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