Thursday, July 4, 2013

Loving Lately

Lately I have been loving...

* Visiting the Brew Store -- Robert has been brewing some super delicious beer, and each beer starts with a trip to the brew store, which is in the middle of nowhere in a huge warehouse full of strange, smelly things. I'll post more about this later!

* The Only Way is Essex -- I have to admit I've been watching England's version of "The Hills" pretty regularly. I like it because it's trash TV, but it knows it's trash TV and is kind of tongue in cheek. Plus everyone has English accents.

* Thrifting -- I have fond some STELLAR items. I love thrifting so much! I used to thrift three times a week when I was a reporter during my lunch breaks, but as a teacher, I don't have lunch breaks, and I'm totally exhausted at the end of the day so my thrifting really diminished (although I did reconnect with eBay, which is not as cheap or as fun but totally addictive!). It is nice to have time and energy to get my thrift on.

* Fresh mint -- Last year, we tore out the dead bush in front of our house and planted mint. It's alive and well this summer, and I can just pluck some off as I walk inside to go in my water or a watermelon salad.

*Popsicles -- I am soooo into popsicles. They are the perfect summertime treat. I love strawberry shortcake ones and juice ones and homemade ones (blended flavored water and lime juice and frozen berries) and Firecracker ones, which are perfect for the Fourth of July!

And on that note, Happy Fourth of July everyone! Go eat something grilled, play with some sparklers and enjoy a good popsicle!


Shybiker said...

Fresh mint?! You lucky gal!60

fabriquefantastique said...

what a jolly post, upbeat and happy

Sam said...

Hi dear, interesting list! I also love using fresh mint in drinks and food. Happy 4th of July!