Friday, July 26, 2013

The Long Hot Summer

Back in the day, super sexy movies had zero actual sex in them. One of the best examples: The Long Hot Summer. Now that is one super sexy movie.

Paul Newman and Joann Woodward are my favorite Hollywood couple ever. They so obviously loved each other. Plus they were married to each other (although, okay, Newman was married to someone else when he met Woodward so it's not totally ideal) and stayed married to each other until death did them part. They were obviously a passionate couple, and I love their chemistry on film.

Paul Newman is a cocky super hot hottie who comes into town and flirts with super uptight Joann Woodward. (In movies, Paul Newman is often a cocky super hot hottie and Joann Woodward is often super uptight. I mean look at those bangs. She has some uptight bangs.)

Paul Newman is shirtless and sweats a lot in this film because, you know, it's a long hot summer. 

When he is wearing some clothes, Newman looks fantastic -- all old hat and thin plaid shirt. The girls are '50s spectacular with their cinched waists and head scarves.

 Plus everyone is sitting on porches and drinking tea because it's set in the South. It's a film I truly enjoy watching during North Carolina's long hot summers and really any other time as well.


Sissy said...

Forgot about this great movie, thanks for the reminder I must rent it, steamy stuff!

Laura Go said...

I. HAVE. NEVER. WATCHED. THIS. And that will be fixed. HAHAHA uptight bangs! Seriously though, those are some uptight looking bangs!

Shybiker said...

Great film. And a good illustration of your point that movies can be erotic without being sexually explicit.

Melanie said...

Be still my heart. I love this movie too.
And look at those Woodward eyebrows! I'm am completely inspired.

Ofelia said...

I've seen this movies so many times and even though I didn't relate to many parts of it, I always love the clothes and the dresses colors.

Lisa said...

I have never heard of this movie, sounds great though from your description.
Love the cherry sweater in your other post.
Am definitely going to check out the curve appeal blog, let's hear it for the curves!