Saturday, July 6, 2013

Penelope and Lars

When I was visiting my friend Sherrie, she suggested two movies for us to watch, and I didn't want to watch either of these movies because they both sounded insanely stupid.

But Sherrie has excellent taste, and when she loves something, I usually do too. We both love screwball comedies starring Katharine Hepburn, addictive YA series and all things James McAvoy ("Becoming Jane": SWOON, all caps that swoon, all caps).

Because of her excellent taste, I decided to watch the first movie that sounded terrible: "Penelope." What is this movie about? A chick with a pig nose.

Why would I want to watch a movie about a girl who has a pig nose? How is it going to be good?

Guess what? You're right. It was so good: A whimsical, modern, feminist fairy tale that stars James McAvoy! I was so wrong! The movie was absolutely delightful! It was highly stylized and adorable and I loved it and think you should love it too. (It's very reminiscent of "Pushing Daisies," which is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. Plus the fashion is fantastic.)

So after she warmed me up with the pig-nose movie (SO GOOD), Sherrie suggested we watch another movie I wasn't too keen on: "Lars and the Real Girl."

I knew this movie was supposed to be good. It had excellent reviews. Dreamy Ryan Gosling was in it. And yet... I could never bring myself to watch it because basically I saw it as "that sex doll movie." Do I really want to watch a movie about a guy who believes a sex doll is his girlfriend? It just seems... unpleasant to me. Call me a prude, but I was a little creeped out. I was also wrong.

Just like "Penelope" is about more than a pig nose, "Lars and the Real Girl" is about more than a sex doll (Thank God). The movie is actually very sweet and chaste. It's about community and communication and tolerance and grief -- all sorts of deep, interesting stuff. It's also tremendously awkward due to that plastic female star, but it's funny awkward. I highly suggest the movie.

Now that I've watched these two movies, I am all about telling other people to watch them. They're so good! They're so much more than I thought they were! Go watch them! Right now! (Or, you know, at a more convenient time for you. No pressure or anything.)


Connie said...

I'm a movie nut. One of my great joys in life is connecting with someone through a movie that we both love. I've seen Lars and now I'm off to check out Penelope. Thanks for the suggestion!

Shybiker said...

Yay! More people need to take a chance on art-films. Such work can be so much more entertaining than people expect. I've seen both of these gems and like 'em.

Sacramento Amate said...

I have to try and see them

Forest City Fashionista said...

I thought Lars and the Real Girl was a tremendously moving film, and very sweet. It is about acceptance, and our need for connection to others, even if that other happens to be made of latex. I will put Penelope on my list of "to be watched"!

Melanie said...

Anyone who likes Woody Allen can recommend movies to me any time. Thanks.