Monday, July 22, 2013

Eclectic Librarian

I've been thinking about my personal style lately. Mostly I've been thinking: What is it? Who am I? What is it all about, man

There were two articles that really started me thinking. The first one was posted on xoJane, and I read it and came up with a really long, convoluted definition of my personal style, which I don't even remember now, but I do remember it had some oxymoronic adjectives.  Later I read, Gala Darling's take on personal style and realized a 7-word definition of my personal style wasn't going to cut. I had to define the style that is personal to me in only two words. Two words! So few words!

But then I did it: Eclectic Librarian. 

Eclectic is both totally accurate and a bit of a cop out. It says "I am so many things! I enjoy a wide variety of thrifted fashions and am inspired by both '50s movie stars and cartoons from the '90s!"

Librarian refers to my bookish/schoolmarmish bent and makes it seem like I wear glasses as a signature accessory rather than simply as a way to see the world. (Although I wear contacts sometimes too. See? Eclectic! Ever-changing!)

But here's the thing: It is summertime, and in the summertime I don't seem to adhere to my eclectic librarian style. Instead, I prefer shorts and men's shorts and maxi-dresses and tank tops and all other assortments of whatnot and other. As seen here:

Now, let me first of all state: Clothes are fun. Style is fun. No one is saving lives here. This is not a super big deal. But I really would like to develop a consistent style. I'm 32. I feel it's time. So how do I marry my summertime and school-time looks? Can I? Have I already? And is it okay if I just change up my personal style definition and if I do, what do I change it up to?

These are things I think about.

I mean, what if I'm just an eclectic librarian on summer vacation? But that's five words! Or overheated eclectic librarian? (Three words -- better!) Or bohemian librarian? (Two words! Perfect! But is it accurate? I mean, if you wear a couple of maxi dresses and some wide-leg pants are you allowed to call yourself a bohemian?)

Like I said, not rocket science (but also so much more interesting than rocket science, amIright?), but it's something I've been pondering. What about you? Can you define your personal style in two words? Are you consistent or do you like to play? What is it all about, man?


freckleface said...

I rather like the term eclectic librarian and in fact I like that look - knee length skirts, thick tights and cardis. I do that in winter and feel kind of ww2 :)

TheTinyHeart said...

I wear things that make me happy. :) I'd say most of the time my style is consistent but sometimes I like to wear things that are totally different! It's fun to experiment with all kinds of styles!

The Tiny Heart
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Amanda said...

Oh I see your point! Summertime is great you can wear anything!Winter time is just so hard if you wanna be fashionable! But I love your polka dress =)

Kathleen Lisson said...

Love the snap of you in the hat!

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Eclectic library sounds like an amazing style title! Love it!
Sincerely, Sara

libys11 said...

hahaha.. i love how you really spoke your thoughts in this post. I'm forever seeking for an accurate description of my style too. i like the eclectic librarian. it really suits you. :)

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Ofelia said...

Eclectic Librarian it is!
as you said we are not savings lives but we may be bring a smile to someone, which most time is ourselves.

Connie said...

I think you've nailed it. Eclectic librarian is a wonderful look. (Auto correct tried to change this to Electric librarian! Maybe that's your look. Shocking!)

Deborah said...

Eclectic librarian! I love it.