Friday, October 17, 2014

Misty mountains

We made a visit to the mountains to see the fall colors. It was very misty/cloudy/occasionally full-on rainy, and it was totally beautiful.

Thomas wore some really amazing overalls. Babies in overalls are the best.

The leaves were beautiful both on the trees and fallen on the ground. Those are some new-to-me shoes. They are my walking shoes. A girl needs a pair of walking shoes if she does a lot of walking, which I do.

Look! A picture from a walk! That's my niece, nephew and dog having a grand old time.

And here's a really picturesque horse. He eventually wandered down to see if we had any treats for him. Sadly, we did not, but next time we will plan ahead!

The little town my parents' house is in is so cute. It even has one of those "take-one-leave-one" libraries outside the local coffee shop. I love it!

Something I love even more? Hanging with family (that's my husband and kid and brother and niece and nephew). Also those cows behind us. Man how I love those giant cows.(Also love those horizontal bar/stripe J Crew shirts courtesy of eBay. Super comfy. Perfect for fall-tastic fun.)


Winter Moon said...

Oh, I do love Autumn!

So many cute pics :)

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

cute group photo!!