Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Remix - Pink cardigan

Happy Wednesday! Let's Remix!

Like the black and white maxi-skirt before it, I wasn't 100 percent sure about this pink cardigan when I first thrifted it. Then, I wore it all the time. I wasn't sure about it because it has some seams that look like the cardigan is inside out even though it's not, and I was like "What is that about?" Turns out, I don't really care, and I find this little pink number to be an excellent addition to my wardrobe.

When we had "Dress like your favorite teacher day" at school, the little girls who dressed like me wore cardigans and dresses. Totally my look! So, yes, this cardigan gets paired with dresses all the time.

It also works well with jeans and a polka-dotted pregnant belly. Really, it's so sweet and neutral, I probably haven't explored its full potential yet. (On life goal list: Explore the full potential of the $4 thrifted, pink cardigan. The full potential.)

Pictured above is my favorite pink-cardigan look. Do I love the look because of the pink cardigan? Nope. I love the boots and the dress, but the pink cardigan ties it all together! It's a great unifier of things, that pink cardigan. It makes the outfit work without being all braggy about it.


Emmylou said...

Wow! This cardi is versatile indeed:) And how cute that u guys have "dress like your fave teacher" day:D

Connie said...

So sweet! A pink cardi! Honestly, motherhood agrees with you. You are looking so beautiful.

Winter Moon said...

loving the Autumn pics and that black fish-covered
dress ❤

Sonya Mann said...

I have a couple loveable cardigans like that, in particular a lemon yellow one! Also this made me crack up: "On life goal list: Explore the full potential of the $4 thrifted, pink cardigan. The full potential."

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Ah, the pink cardi. Every lady should have one.