Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Monkey and maxi

You can't tell that well from this picture, but there's a monkey on Thomas's butt, and that's a pretty big deal. Putting cute things on the butt is my favorite aspect of baby fashion.

Here, I'm wearing my maxi-dress like a maxi-skirt and one of my moccasins came untied.

Thomas is so big. He turned three months this weekend, but has been wearing six-month-sized clothing for quite a while now. Pictured above is his very first time wearing pants. His first time wearing pants! He's going to wear pants so much in his life, and look: this is his very first time doing it! How terribly exciting.


Emmylou said...

I wish we as adults can still wear monkeys on our butts....

Little Thomas is not so little! Look at him:) And yay for that dress/skirt.

Isabella said...

He won't be able to wear cute things on his butt forever, so it's good to do it now! Excellent first-time pants. The pattern of your maxi is really pretty, I like the light blue on slightly darker blue.


Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

great skirt! Baby boy is getting so big and fluffy!