Friday, July 24, 2015

Best impulse buy ever

This dress was an impulse buy, but I wore it to Thomas's first birthday, and I wore it to my sister's rehearsal dinner, and it is now in some very beloved and important family photos so it is officially the best impulse buy ever.

We went to the Palisades Beach Club for a celebration party the day before my sister's wedding. It was such fun! Thomas's first experience of the ocean was the Pacific! (Same as his Californian-born mommy.) I tied up my dress so it wouldn't get wet in the water. Gotta love a maxi-dress!

My sister's now husband's grandmother is a member of the Palisades Beach Club (that's it in the background), and she only gets to reserve it one Friday per year, and pictured above is her Friday! It was a beautiful party celebrating a beautiful couple.

And Thomas enjoyed some wading good times!


Kezzie said...

That dress looks very versatile! The beach looks idyllic. X

Winter Moon said...

Gorgeous beach, lovely dress and adorable little Thomas! ♥