Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Want to know what will make you feel fancy?

Getting your makeup done by a fancy LA makeup artist (Who works for the stars! Allegedly.) Thanks fancypants sister!

And wearing a pretty bridesmaid's dress. (And having extra eyelashes -- Pictured above: extra eyelashes on my eyes! They come off in the shower and look like spiders. Is this a thing normal people already know?)...

 And feeling pretty in my pretty in my powder-blue Etsy matron-of-honor dress, celebrating my fantastic sister and her fellow!

(Please note: My niece, who was flower girl in my wedding, was also flower girl in my sister's wedding, and she was so, so cute in her pretty powder-pink dress!)


Lisa said...

You look amazing.
Such a pretty shade of blue.
And the bride and groom look pretty spiffy too of course!
Lisa x

Fiona said...

You and your false eyelashes look lovely and your frock is so pretty!
What a happy day for you all. x