Sunday, July 19, 2015

Style Icon: Patricia Field

Patricia Field is a larger than life costume designer with some pretty exceptional style. Starting with her signature bright-red hair!

 She is most well-known for the film "The Devil Wears Prada" and the television show "Sex and the City." I became a big fan through watching the "Sex and the City" special features where she talks about style on the show. She's so enthusiastic and fun and has such a clear idea of who each character is. I'd argue Carrie's style is the closest match to Patricia Field's: totally kooky, but still stylin'.

Her energy is infectious. She has tons and tons of ideas and obviously loves what she does. Just the way she dresses shows how much she embraces life (and the weird, Patricia Field embraces the weird).

Pictured above: Patricia Field embracing the weird.

She's definitely a hero. I think it's so important to be enthusiastic about life. To do something you love. To wear what you want even if it's ridiculous. Or actually, to wear something you want because it's ridiculous. And so: Patricia Field: role model and style icon.

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