Monday, July 27, 2015


Retro bathing suit? Yes, please. 

I brought two new two-pieces (if it's this high-waisted it's not a bikini in my opinion) and a one-piece to California, and I wore them all. Is it silly to bring more than one bathing suit on a trip? Of course not! Bathing suits are so fun!

I love the high-waist trend. Love. It. I feel fun and covered and comfortable. Thomas is also feeling fun and covered (watch for that sun, kid!) and comfortable in his whale/fish swimmies.

The backyard pool and hot tub were really two of the best parts of our trip. Do you want to know what kind of attention span a 1-year-old has? VERY SHORT. All caps on that one. And yet, the pool and hot tub (and his cousins) would keep him happily entertained for hours. Hours, I say!

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Lisa said...

Love the new bathers.
Lisa x