Monday, August 3, 2015

Last day fog

I'm going to be honest, my last day in LA, I was a little... under the weather. A little dehydrated. A little tired. A little bit wishing I had eaten my dinner (What is wrong with you? Dinner is delicious!) and not had that third margarita.

I fought through this post-wedding fog, and made it to the awesome La Brea Tar Pits and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. They are conveniently located not only right next to each other, but right next to a row of food trucks! (Drunken noodles are the best!!!) The tar pits were so cool, and the accompanying museum was full of really amazing fossils. Truth time: I did not know dire wolves were a real thing until now. I thought they were a Game-of-Thrones thing only. Also: Giant sloths used to roam (very slowly, I suspect) what is now LA. Who knew?

Who wears short shorts? Me! I do! And clogs. And shirts featuring Basquiat's art. 

Gotta love Basquiat. Gotta love polka-dotted, giant sunglasses when you still have remnants of your (fabulous) Kardashian makeup hanging out under your eyes.

Thomas was a pretty good sport. He liked the tar pits and the fossils. He loved the drunken noodles. He tolerated the museum. He might have touched a Picasso (oopsie). Overall, our last day in LA was a big win. Science? Check. Art? Check. Yummy food? Big ol' check. And then we went back "home" and hung out in the hot tub until it was time to pack. Not too shabby!

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