Thursday, August 6, 2015

River Jam

Our little family went to the National Whitewater Center's River Jam, which is a free concert with really expensive beer. I wore this. I didn't realize that the parking would be so bad I would have to hike to the actual center itself. It's okay. I still liked wearing this.

Let us all praise maxi dresses. They are so comfortable! So roomy! So often sporting fun prints! And you can tie them up if you're wading in the ocean or going for an unexpected parking lot hike. 

It was very hot, but we had a fun time anyway. (Maxi-dresses: good for ridiculous heat!). Southern California's weather was very, very nice. It's an adjustment going back to almost 100-degree days! (You know that Maroon 5 song "Sugar" that's always on the radio now where he's all like "You're hotter than a southern California day"? Robert was like "That's not very hot. He's saying she's mildly pleasant to look at." Truth.)

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Hollie Black-Ramsey said...

Maxis are also great for gals like me who hate shaving! It's heading up to be 108 next week here. Yay.