Sunday, August 23, 2015

Style Icon: Tori Amos

When I think about Tori Amos' style, I mostly think about her bright-red hair and giant lips. Do these things count as style? Or is that just the way Tori Amos looks? I mean, her lips can't be part of her style, can they? They're, you know, part of her face. So maybe I just like Tori Amos' face. And her music. And actually her style, I'm pretty sure.

The hair is as red as red can be, and she'll put on a heart-printed halter top with purple jeans so cheers to that. 

Tori Amos has always been a bit of a fairy in my mind, and all the sparkles and pretty jewelry she wears helps with that. So does the fact she's quit LA because it smells like fear and lives in Ireland and England. And her wacky lyrics. Love those wacky lyrics. (As a teen, they were it for me. As an adult, I listen to songs like "Mr. Zebra" and wonder "What is going on here?")

I was really into Tori Amos in high school when she was coming out with records like "Boys for Pele" and "From the Choirgirl Hotel," but I've remained a fan of her newer stuff as well. I like how candidly she talks about her miscarriages and how she's remained a fairy creature even as the world seems to get uglier and uglier. She puts on a kick-ass show too, that girl and her piano. If you have a chance to see her live, take it. She'll be rocking her red hair and lipsticked-lips, I'm sure of it and wailing about myths and fairies and love and God. All the good stuff.


Winter Moon said...

Yes, Tori Amos is awesome :)

Midnight Cowgirl said...

So beautiful! Love her lipstick in the first picture :)