Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Remix: Purple Maxi Dress

I thrifted this dress so many years ago, and I've gotten so much use out of it. Here's the thing: Maxi dresses are ridiculously comfortable. They are mumus, people. Good-looking mumus.

And despite the fact that this dress is a mumu, people seem to think I'm dressing "fancy" when I wear it. And I'm all like "It's a blanket! It's a large, loose swath of fabric! It does not get more comfortable!"

And holy moly is it roomy. Above: I am pregnant. It's that cute phase of pregnancy where you look adorable in everything.

And then there's that phase of pregnancy where you are all stomach and people can't believe you're not having twins/due tomorrow. This dress is also great for that phase! Look how much baby belly this dress can handle!

And you look good while feeling enormously physically uncomfortable. So thanks for that purple maxi dress!

Here I am obviously post-baby. In this photo, I have been thrown up on several times in the last 24 hours and am about to be thrown up on several more. (My poor baby. He was okay, just sick and vomit-y.) Love that in-between-vomit pattern mixing I made happen!

And there's that baby I've been talking so much about! So cute. The cutest.

Second cutest (or more likely 164th cutest) is the dress. It is a staple. It is a basic. It is a favorite. You know how magazine articles are always like "You must own a crisp, white shirt and a trench coat" or whatever? I think it's imperative that we all own a statement-making, voluminous purple maxi dress! And Thomas agrees.


Winter Moon said...

Aww, your little boy is adorable :)

The dress is a gorgeous colour and looks great on you.

Connie said...

That really seems like the perfect dress. You look adorable and it doesn't show barf. win win.

Melanie said...

I agree - we all need a voluminous purple maxi dress! Haha. This is truly a great dress and can be counted on to see you through everything with style.