Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Animal Farm

You know that moment when you learn the book "Animal Farm" isn't just about animals, but is actually about the Russian Revolution? Yeah. I love that moment. You don't forget that moment. 

I did a book group last year with the highest of my high fifth-grade students, and, man, they dug in. They were so engaged in it, and they made really amazing connections. My big regret is I didn't have enough time at the end, so we sort of sped through it before summer vacation arrived. But: I'm totally going to teach it again! Literacy is the best, and I am the nerdy teacher who wears book shirts. (Proud of it, too!)

This pig? He is not to be trifled with. (Shirt bought on eBay, but originally from Out of Print.)

I combined my bookish tee with sneakers and a flippy skirt. I wore this to take Thomas to the Charlotte Nature Museum. In this outfit, we hung out with butterflies, pointed at an alligator, played with animal puppets and attempted (and failed) to listen to a read aloud. (Seriously. Thomas just stood up and walked out of the room all like "Nope. There are toys out there. I am going to the toys. I don't need to listen to this lady read about owls. Sorry not sorry.")

How cute is this happy nugget? Love those smiles! (Sidenote: I have decided not to get his hair cut yet. I just can't. Can't do it. Won't do it. Realize all the other boys in his class have had their hair cut. Don't care. Okay, do care, but not enough. Am fine with having a hippy child. We'll cut it some day. Not right not. Not gonna do it. Not gonna do it.)


Connie said...

I love your literary tee and flippy skirt. I wear a Jane Austen t-shirt and I'm not even a teacher. Thomas is so cute. Don't cut his hair until you really have to. Babies have such sweet hair. it's nice to enjoy it. I kept my son's hair long until people would tell me what a cute little girl he was and he would pout and say "I'm a boy!"

Radostin said...

Good on you not bowing to peer pressure, teacher mama!