Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Calling it

 It's not officially fall, but whatever, I'm calling it: Fall is here!

Case in point: We went to a fair, hung out by its Halloween-esque haunted house, and the weather was NOT insanely hot! In fact, it was quite breezy and lovely. Hey there, fall! You're looking good!

Also looking good: These Dansko clogs. In my opinion. And maybe no one else's. I had a fellow teacher complain about her feet, and I suggested she try out this brand, and she was like "Those chunky nurse's shoes? No way!" And I was all like "They are amazing, and I love them." I guess we'll agree to disagree. This is America after all. 

My blue striped dress is so American. My foot-long, fair hot dog is so American. My wearing my hair in pigtails despite being in my 30s? So. American. 

We had a good time at the fair. The animals were the high point for sure. The prices were not! We didn't go on any rides, but maybe next time. I think Thomas would enjoy it a little more when he's a little older. This time around, he was happy to just stare at everything and point. He is all about staring and pointing these days. 

Here's a closing-of-the-post bonus picture. Please forgive this selfie's lighting and focus on Thomas's adorable "Soft Kitty" onesie. I have 100 percent sung him that song from "Big Bang Theory." It's so soothing! 


Lisa said...

Great dress and still love the shoes.
You suit the pigtails!
Here's the the coming season.
Lisa x

Fiona said...

I love clogs and have a red pair myself. It's comfort all the way these days. x

Midnight Cowgirl said...

That dress is so pretty, and I'm all for comfortable shoes :)