Sunday, September 6, 2015

Style Icon: Stella McCartney

I remember first reading about Stella McCartney in Vogue in the '90s. Why do I remember this? I'm not sure. I think I found her striking, and I dug her style. I was a little skeptical about her talent since she was Paul McCartney's daughter, and I wondered -- Is that why she's an up and coming designer?

Answer: Nope. She was an up and coming designer because she was very, very talented. Proof: Her current, tremendous career. I love her line, and I LOVE her personal style. She's just very laid back, yet put together and sexy, but like an "Oh, am I sexy?" kind of sexy, which is way better than the trying-really hard sexy.

Plus she's rock royalty, which is kind of cool. Rock royalty and a style icon, that's Stella McCartney. Her dad must be very proud.

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