Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chevron stripes and bad musicals

I wore this after a long day at work to go see a not-very-good musical. I was tired so I wanted to be crazy comfortable. I was also going out on the town so I wanted to look cute.

The top is thifted. I think it was only $2. It's not an official pregnant lady shirt, and it falls off my shoulders a lot, but I kind of like that. The pants were store-bought and they are my favorite pregnant-lady pants, but it's starting to get too hot for them (just when they were fitting perfectly!). The shoes are Isaac Mizrahi for Target, and I wore them on my wedding day. We had a very cost-efficient (and super fabulous) wedding.

So, yes, the musical was not great. "Ghost" should have stayed a movie in my opinion. We have season tickets, which is awesome, and it encourages us to go see shows we would not otherwise make it out to, but it also means sometimes we see shows that are not so good. Ah well, they can't all be winners! (Sidenote: Sunshine Dog is so adorable!)


Jacqueline Stewart said...

love the striped top! a classic! and very cute dog too :D

Emmylou said...

I didn't even know there's a musical now based on the movie....heh!
Love that chevron top btw. It's one of my fave prints.:)

peaches mcginty said...

You looked cute! and I also had a very cost efficient wedding too! I can't imagine Ghost as a musical, the movie was brilliant albeit with a lot of weeping x x x

Sonya Mann said...

Well, with theater you win some you lose some. Hooray for giant chevrons!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Your top is cute!