Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So. Much. Gray.

Really, it's too much gray, but this outfit is also 100 percent second hand so that makes it awesome anyways. The pants were recently thrifted, and I was so stoked about it. Finding work-appropriate pregnant-lady pants at thrift stores has not been easy for me! The clogs I wore are from eBay. Oh clogs. Clogs, clogs, clogs. You are kind of ugly and very comfortable. These pants are kind of boring, but they fit my current body. The shirt? The shirt is what this outfit is about. All hail the shirt.

It is Anthropologie via eBay and has stripes and polka dots so obviously I had to buy it. It is not a pregnant-lady shirt, but it might as well be.

I discovered it still fit me in an early morning rampage of my closet. This rampage had an "I have nothing to wear!" theme. I had these mornings before I was pregnant too, so I can't really blame the new belly. These mornings end with me wearing whatever I have on at the last possible moment for me not to be late to work. Anyone else experience this phenomenon?


peaches mcginty said...

It's a gorgeous top! how fab it is, and versatile enough for your lovely baby bump! and groan to those days when nothing in the wardrobe will do!!! x x x

Sonya Mann said...

Definitely a great shirt. I actually like the all-grey effect!

Melanie said...

I shall hail your shirt as well, dots and lines both. I'm used to seeing you in colours lately so this is a switcheroo. I have that "Gaa, this all looks like &*(! before I go out, but sometimes the things I throw on at last minute work too, like you threw on your top. Lovely.

Lisa said...

You had me at spots and stripes!
Lisa x