Thursday, April 24, 2014

Style Icon: Mindy Kaling

The Mindy Kaling Project is a seriously funny television program, and on it Mindy Kaling is constantly wearing clothes I want to be wearing. Constantly.

She is so cute and so fun, and she embraces polka dots. You know who else embraces polka dots? Me! I do!

Polk-A-Dots. Looking fantabulous, lady. Yet professional. Put together and whimsical. Way to win it.

Hot pink dress. Lots of ring bling. And I can't quite see that purse, but I bet I like that too.

Again with the polka dots. You are killing me, polka dots. The love I feel for the polka dots is a dangerously large and intense love. I also love that coat. And her purse, which I can see here. And on an unrelated note, I find Seth Rogen occasionally charming, but I think Mindy can do better. (Don't even get me started on the recent Danny break up...)

So the clothes are all great, but I think I should also note that this is a woman of color who is healthy, but not skinny, who is playing a super-smart (she's a doctor for goodness sakes), super-fun woman. We need more of that on our tellies! Come on, broadcast people, bring it on! And throw some polka-dots on top while you're at it!

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Sonya Mann said...

SHE IS SO FUNNY! I haven't watched The Mindy Project, but when I found out she's one of the brilliant minds behind The Office, I just about died =D