Monday, April 7, 2014


These pictures were taken when the weather was deliciously and a little unexpectedly cool.

Everyone's all about spring and blue skies and the countdown to summer. I enjoy these things too, but, honestly, I really love fall and winter the most. And cloudy days. I love, love, love cloudy days.

I like layering. I like jackets. I like rain. I like wearing necklaces without sweat beads forming under them. (Above necklace: eBay. Denim jacket: thrifted. Polka dot shirt/dress situation: I cannot remember. Thrifted I think.)

I like boots so much. Boots are the best! And leggings are super comfortable. (Combat boots: eBay)

I'm heading into my third trimester soon, and the world is going to start heating up. For now, I will enjoy the random days of cool weather. I will also try to embrace all the things I love about spring -- flip flops, farm fresh fruit, spring break!

And when summer officially comes, I'm just going to wear boring shorts and maternity tank tops and pray that my air conditioner doesn't break. That's my battle plan.


two birds said...

That's a good battle plan. I am opposite...I love bare legs and open-toed shoes and not having to wear tights! But I also love fall and rainy days! Enjoy the cool days!

Emmylou said...

Sounds like a good plan:)
I love this layered look btw.

Larissa said...

Your plan for summer sounds good- shorts and air con ;-) I really like your necklace here!
Thanks for your comment :)

Sonya Mann said...

I love cloudy days too. And I need to get some polka dots in my own dang wardrobe! Brb, stabbing all my shirts with polka dots.

angelaremondi said...

You look adorable in all of these photos!! I am in love with your polka dot dress :)

So exciting that you're entering your third trimester soon!! But I can imagine it won't be the greatest to have to deal with hot weather hahah. I hope your air conditioning does you well!


Laura said...

sounds like a good battle plan:-) and that necklace is lovely! x

Lisa said...

I love this outfit. Polka dots, denim and that necklace is amazing.
Lisa x