Sunday, April 27, 2014

Style Icon: Lisa Loeb

When I was in high school, people sometimes said I looked like Lisa Loeb because we both had brown hair and glasses. I found the comparison incredibly simplistic, but I guess there are worse people to look like.

I had her album "Tails," and I really loved it. I could probably still sing along to every word. "Stay" is the song she's famous for, and rightly so -- what a great song. I love her outfit in the video -- glasses and brown hair (representing, Lisa Loeb!), short skirt, tights, clompy shoes, general '90s perfection.

I actually watched Lisa Loeb's reality show a few years ago where she was looking to get married and have a baby, and it wasn't happening. I must admit, I found the show very stressful (she had been in a previous relationship forever and the dude didn't want to get married and have babies so by time she got out of it the biological clock was ticking).

Luckily, I can stop worrying about her as she both got married and got knocked up just like she wanted. And then she wore a black dress, black tights and clompy shoes while pregnant. I admire your consistency, Lisa Loeb! I admire your consistency.


Emmylou said...

Talk about flashback. I was obsessed with Stay! :D
And yeah....she's definitely consistent...hehe

Winter Moon said...

I feel so ignorant. I've never heard of Lisa Loeb.

I enjoyed your post as always though and hope you're feeling well throughout your own pregnancy :)

peaches mcginty said...

Oh wasn't she just amazing! and I had the same comparisons from my brothers with anyone wearing glasses and dark haired! x x x