Thursday, August 21, 2014

House loyalty

I don't normally wear shirts representing schools I didn't go to, but I'll make an exception for this thrifted Gryffindor shirt. Although, to be honest, I think the Sorting Hat would more likely put me in Ravenclaw. I bought this beauty during my second epic onesie thrift haul. For some reason, I have 1,000 adorable things for Thomas in the 3-6 month range and very little in the 0-3. Luckily, I'm a thrifting maven, and those little suckers are $1 to $2 a pop. No big deal! And it's true what they say (and "they" do say this to you a lot if you're a new mom): You can never have too many onesies. (Or thrifted Harry Potter T-shirts, although "they" don't say that one. That one, I say.)


Lisa said...

I have no idea what the houses in HP are as I have never read any of the books nor seen the movies, but I'm sure they would have put you into the house representing thrifted chic!
Lisa x

Isabella said...

I'm impressed by your onesie thrifting skills. I look forward to being a parent one day, but I don't especially look forward to the constant stream of advice from "them," haha! It seems like new moms get to hear everyone's opinion about everything, which is maybe more annoying than it is useful. Anyway, I've got to get myself some Potter gear! I think I'd be in Ravenclaw, too, but don't Gryffindors have more fun?