Sunday, August 3, 2014

Style Icon: Phryne Fisher

I've been up in the middle of the night a lot lately. It comes with the territory when you give birth to a little, tiny baby and then bring said baby home and try to take care of him in a responsible, good-mommy manner. Babies? They need diaper changes. They need to eat every two to three hours. They like snuggles. They are babies. So, yes, I've been up in the middle of the night a lot, and when I'm up at 3 a.m., I've started watching "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries," which is a really fantastic show streaming on Netflix. My friend Sherrie, who is also a new mom (less new than me, but still pretty darn new) suggested it to me. "It has great fashion!" she said. 

Oh yes. Yes it does. 

The show is set in Australia in the 1920s, and Phryne Fisher is a single, rich, fabulous lady detective who gets her flapper on in the most fantastic way. She is a "spinster" in that she is a lady of a certain age and not married, but she's always hooking up with handsome fellows while solving crimes and taking in wayward children and flying planes and wearing just the most amazing things

She always looks great, and she always kicks so much booty. I could write a post titled "Phryne Fisher, Feminist Icon" cause, yeah, she's awesome. And so are her clothes. She's a fun lady to hang out with in the middle of the night when feeding an adorable infant. (And her show is not too scary. I can't handle too much scary when I'm up in the middle of the night.)

So if you love murder mysteries and/or 1920s style, I highly suggest checking out this show. My only complaint is that it only has one season available. Apparently, the show is still going in Australia and is filming its third season (my source: my friend Sherrie) so I have much more Phryne Fisher to look forward to! Thank goodness for that. Although, I wouldn't mind watching future seasons at a more reasonable hour of the day...


Sonya Mann said...

YES IT'S SO GOOD! My parents and I are watching this show, and I always swoon at her clothes.

Lisa said...

Wow, she looks good.
I have just checked and we can't get that show on Netflix here, I'm so jealous!
Lisa x

Anonymous said...

I just borrowed Season 1 from my local library :)